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"Healing Dad Issues" 

Dive Deeper into Healing and Freedom

Continue your journey to freedom and healing through more teachings from Dave in the “Healing Dad Issues” Masterclasses These classes are sessions, addressing different elements relating to difficulties in father wounds and finding healing.  These classes are crafted for men and women audiences of all ages.


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About the Masterclasses

The F2 Project Masterclasses are specialized sessions, meticulously curated to address distinct aspects of the challenges and traumas resulting from difficulties with father relationships. These sessions unravel the intricate layers of pain, guilt, frustration, and confusion to pave the way for lasting healing.


More Depth

While the book "No More Dad Issues" provides a foundational understanding, and the Freedom Groups facilitate shared healing experiences, the Masterclasses go one step further. They offer targeted teachings, diving deeper into specific elements that might be holding you back. With Dave's guidance, participants will engage in introspective activities, discussions, and faith-based exercises, ensuring comprehensive healing from the core.

Generational Understanding

Dad issues span across generations, but the way a teenager relates to these issues can be vastly different from how a senior citizen does. Some classes will dive into the unique challenges faced by different age groups, providing age-appropriate guidance and strategies for healing.

Tailored Insights

Every individual's experience with father wounds is unique, and influenced by a myriad of factors including culture, age, gender, personal history, and more. Recognizing this diversity of experience, the Masterclasses aim to offer insights that resonate on a personal level.

Meet the New You

Whether you've experienced the transformative power of the Freedom Groups or are newly introduced to Dave Novak's teachings, the Masterclasses promise a deeper, enriched understanding of the intricacies of father wounds and the path to healing.


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