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Helping Dads Become Heroes


The Dads Becoming Heroes course is a 6 week training.  Through each session dads will give you tools to learn how to father in different ways; from discipline, to character, nurturing, and more.  

The first course is set to launch in 2024 and more following throughout the year.  Click the link for more information.  


Dad, you can be a hero starting today!


Being The Father You Needed

Built on the foundation of the renowned program, 24/7 Dads, the Hero Courses take you on an in-depth journey exploring various facets of fatherhood:

  • Nurturing: Learn the art of emotional connection, understanding, and support, ensuring your kids always find a safe haven in you.

  • Discipline: Balance authority with love, crafting an environment of respect, understanding, and guidance.

  • Becoming a Man: Dive deep into understanding masculinity, ensuring you model values of integrity, responsibility, and compassion.

  • Relationships with Mothers: Strengthen the co-parenting bond, ensuring that even in conflict, your children witness unity and love.

Structured Learning and Reflection

The Hero Course journey is divided into two phases, with a refreshing one-month break after the first 6 weeks. This structure ensures ample time for introspection, application, and rejuvenation before diving back into the remaining transformative sessions.


Understanding the unique challenges and perspectives of fatherhood, these sessions are dedicated solely to fathers and grandfathers. This ensures an environment of mutual understanding, camaraderie, and targeted growth.

Get Started:

Starting WINTER 2023, Hero Groups will be available to CHURCHES and FOLSOM STATE PRISON, reflecting a commitment to nurturing the essence of fatherhood in every corner of our community.


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